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We provide honest Event Planning assistance for any type of event in New York City, The Hamptons and New Jersey.

Some of our clients can afford to spend any amount of money on an event, while others have a fixed budget. Regardless of this,

we work very hard with various vendors to get the best possible deal of every single item needed for an event. We are Event

Planners, as well as Event Managers. This means we always try to provide what our clients want at the best possible price.

We charge a flat fee of 10% (of the total for an event)  for our services. We do not increase our fee's suddenly, and we do

not have any other charges. We try our best to help our clients keep their cost's down. Who doesn't like to save money?


We receive discounts of 10%-15% with vendors such as, Florists, Rental Companies, Caterers, etc. which we pass on to clients.

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